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Laser Resurfacing | Laser Treatments | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)The Affirm laser by Cynosure employs the latest, most advanced technology available today to supply patients with a complete skin rejuvenation solution. As the latest advancement of laser resurfacing, the Affirm offers top quality results in treating a wide array of problems such as lines and wrinkles, scars, redness, highly pigmented areas and age spots. In addition, the Affirm provides tremendous benefits to the skin’s overall appearance, firming and tightening the skin and improving its texture to create a visibly more youthful look.

By combining MultiPlex technology, Xenon Pulsed Light (XPL) technology and Combined Apex Pulse (CAP) technology in one system, the Affirm has the ability to deliver a better outcome and faster results with less pain than any other laser resurfacing product. It is also a very safe procedure that causes little discomfort compared to similar forms of treatment.

This non-ablative cosmetic treatment is most commonly performed on the face and neck, but can also successfully be used on the chest, arms, hands and knees. It can improve the skin’s appearance in any of these areas that have been damaged over time by targeting all layers of photo damaged and aged skin. The anti-aging benefits of the Affirm laser treatment are unmatched by other resurfacing lasers and this faster-acting technology treats a full face in under 15 minutes. The Affirm produces highly efficient results with minimal downtime.

Once the healing process is complete, patients typically reap the benefits of significant improvements to the appearance of their skin, including:

  • Reduced scarring
  • Eliminated areas of pigmentation
  • Tightened skin
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Improved appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

a comprehensive treatment solution

The Affirm laser is so effective at treating a multitude of skin issues because of its ability to target each unique layer of skin damaged by accumulated sun exposure and the process of aging. The CAP technology focuses on repairing the tissues of the most superficial layers of the skin. The XPL technology successfully reduces redness and areas of pigmentation. The MultiPlex technology penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin, influencing collagen structures and producing visibly smoother skin. With all of these benefits available in one single laser, the Affirm can renew your skin without the need for other forms of treatment.

Many patients seek the Affirm laser treatment as an alternative to surgery such as a facelift and more expensive laser treatments that require longer healing periods. The Affirm is the latest generation of fraxel resurfacing lasers and is less costly and offers a shorter recovery time and fewer side effects than many other cosmetic procedures.

state-of-the-art device

Laser Resurfacing | Laser Treatments | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)The superior CAP technology was designed to distribute the laser energy into multiple levels of heat intensity. This is the most effective method available for stimulating the production of new collagen while also transforming existing collagen. It allows lower levels of energy to be employed, which results in less pain for the patient as well as more rapid healing.

The MultiPlex technology used in the Affirm laser is also an incredible treatment breakthrough. It enables the Affirm to emit two different wavelengths of laser energy in one pulse. This allows the physician to use lower levels of energy, resulting in less pain for the patient and more rapid recovery than standard procedures using single-wavelength technology.

In addition, the Affirm laser has an air cooling system that decreases any discomfort a patient may experience. Unlike many other laser treatments, most patients treated with the Affirm laser do not require any topical anesthesia.

minimal treatment time

Treatment times with the Affirm laser are significantly quicker than those of traditional laser procedures. Pre-treatment topical dyes are unnecessary, which cuts the time required for a session. In addition, the technology is simply faster acting than other types of laser procedures, allowing a full face treatment session to typically be completed in 30 to 45 minutes.

The number of sessions required will vary depending on several factors including the type of skin problem being addressed. Most patients receive between four and six treatments with the Affirm laser, with approximately three to six weeks between sessions.

results of affirm laser treatment

Patients treated with the Affirm laser usually have noticeably improved skin after three to four sessions.  Occasionally, the patient my experience some slight redness, but there is generally little to no downtime associated with the use of the Affirm laser, so patients can resume their normal daily activities immediately following treatment. Wearing sunscreen is always recommended after a laser treatment to protect sensitive areas as well as maintain its results.

side effects of affirm laser treatment

While the Affirm laser is considered a very safe, low risk form of skin treatment, there are a few mild side effects reported by some patients. These temporary, generally short-lived side effects may include skin redness or a darkening similar to a tan at the treatment site. Dr. Victor will discuss the individual risks of this procedure with you during your consultation.

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