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External and Internal Rejuvenation (Regenerative) It is important to look good on the outside as well as feel good on the inside

I am sure you have heard of Stem Cell Face Lift techniques and variations of this.  We have developed a novel facial rejuvenation that effectively repairs signs of aging on the face, hands and neck as well as an overall generalized rejuvenation.

This goes far beyond the current ‘Stem Cell facelift’, which is really just old fashion fat augmentation with different marketing twists.

Aging of the face is associated with the loss of fat and increased inflammation.  The aging process is all about inflammation and loss of blood flow.  Your aches and stiffness are caused by inflammation.  The aging of your skin and loss of fat in your face is about inflammation destroying your healthy tissue.

In a traditional facelift the surgeon separates your skin from the underlying muscles and then pulls up the facial muscles and sews them in place. Next he re-drapes your skin by pulling it up and to the side. Unfortunately the surgical scar is hidden behind your ears. This pulling is not natural and that is why a face-lift can change how you look.  The traditional facelift does nothing for the loss of volume or skin damage.

SAVA is a new technique that restores the facial volume, enhances blood flow, and works on the skin to return its youth.

SAVA stands for subcutaneous augmentation and vascularization and anti-inflammatory.

The traditional fat augmentation process usually lasts only 1-2 years because the transferred fat is damaged and cannot gain a new blood supply to survive.  There are other techniques where the fat in injected into the muscle in an attempt to use the vascular of the muscle to help the fat survive.

This too has difficulties in achieving real volume and runs varies risks and does little for your skin.

SAVA utilizes your stromal vascular fraction cells harvested from the blood vessels in your fat. This heterogeneous population of cells has properties that are anti-inflammatory, angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation), anti-apoptotic, and can generate new tissue.

Two samples of fat are harvested from your stomach, hip or thighs and are each 2 ounces under local anesthesia.  The sample is processed in an FDA registered and inspected cellular lab on the same premises of the harvest of the stromal vascular fraction cells which contain stem cells and tissue growth factors. The second sample is injected artistically into your face using a small blunt cannula.  Once the SVFCs are ready, they are then injected into the already injected fresh fat and into the dermis of your skin.

Additional cells are delivered intravenously for overall general rejuvenation and an anti-inflammatory effect.

The SVFC in the skin and fat will help vascularize the fat and make it stay for years while the cells help rejuvenate the skin. If you have scars they too will improve.

The intravenous SVFCs helps fight aging’s inflammation and helps you feel younger and stronger.  Patients report increased energy, better sleep, and thinking clearer and reduced stiffness.

SAVA vs Fillers

In recent years, there has been increasing demand for temporary dermal fillers, as men and women search for an anti-ageing solution that avoids surgery and are a quick fix and are long lasting. There are numerous products on the market but none of them address the real issues. SAVA has the real answer.

What is the difference between SAVA and the dermal fillers on the market?

Dermal fillers are temporary and it is important to have a skilled experienced professional injector administer the treatments.  They are a good quick fix off the shelf to replace lost volume and restore wrinkles on the face.  There are numerous products on the market and they have major differences.

The most popular temporary dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid gels and the most widely used brands are Juvederm and Restylane.  Hyaluronic acid gel is a synthetic material that is like the hyaluronic acid naturally found in the body and helps maintain volume and moisture to the face. As we age we lose hyaluronic acid and we lose volume and develop wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid gel is injected into the skin or under the skin and since it is a foreign material there is still a small risk of an allergenic reaction. The results are immediate. The results decrease over time since these are biodegradable materials that disappear over three to twelve months and then have to be re administered.

Sculptra is another popular product. This product is made of poly-l-lactic and results are not immediate and take time for the filling results to be realized. However the results can last up to two years. This material can also cause an allergic reaction and become lumpy.

In contrast SAVA is autologous i.e. from your own body and there is no problem with allergenic reactions.  SAVA is composed of two distinct materials, the first being fresh fat (lipoaspirate) that is injected into your face in the correct areas and stromal vascular fraction cells (SVFC) so called “stem cells” that are manufactured from the blood vessels from the extracted lipoaspirate.

The lipoaspirate that is harvested are only two small samples, each 60 cc (2 ounces), under local anesthesia and is quick and virtually painless.

Most importantly the results continue to show improvement over time due to the SVFC and tissue growth factors.  The skin shows positive changes in texture, tone, elasticity and even scars improve.

The term Stem Cell Facelift is misleading.

The correct name should be:

Facial Augmentation or Facial Volume Restoration=SAVA

The aging process is a fact of life and unavoidable.  Now with advanced new technology and techniques, we have tools to fight and even reverse the effects of aging.  SAVA is the ultimate tool to restore the loss of volume and improve and reverse the damage to the skin.  A major advance is the systemic effect of the anti-inflammatory nature of the SVFC and tissue growth factors.  This is as close as you can get to the Fountain of Youth.

The following signs of facial aging can be eliminated

  • Deep grooves and wrinkles
  • Smile and frown lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Vertical lines in the lip area
  • Hollow cheeks and temples
  • Reduced volume in the lips
  • Hollow dark under eye circles
  • Glabella vertical lines

The SAVA technique and technology that is spear headed and patented by Dr. Victor does not use artificial fillers or surgical techniques, but rather uses your own body’s natural fat, SVFCs and tissue growth factors.

Using fresh fat and stromal vascular fraction cells taken from your own body, our revolutionary treatment delivers the following benefits:

  • Improved volume and muscle tone in the face
  • Improved facial contours thanks to added volume
  • Brighter and more vibrant complexion
  • Reduction of acne scars and other scars
  • Better tone and elasticity

The major difference of the SAVA technique is the use of Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells injected into the transplanted fresh fat and the dermis of the skin augmented by systemic boosting of anti-ageing effects.

Who is a suitable candidate for a facial volume restoration treatment?

Almost everyone is a good candidate for facial volume restoration if you are in good health and have realistic expectations.  If you are tired of getting artificial fillers on a regular basis and looking for more long-term results, this is ideal alternative for you that yields better, longer lasting effects.  If you are fearful of surgery, this procedure is perfect option for you.  If you want to look younger and feel younger, this procedure is perfect for you.

What actually is the facial volume restoration treatment procedure?

The facial volume restoration procedure is performed in our certified medical office and the processing of your stromal vascular fraction is performed in a FDA registered and inspected cellular lab under strict SOPs in a sterile environment located in the same office. The staff consists of seasoned, well-trained professionals.  The first phase is to have two 2 ounces samples of fat harvested under local anesthesia from you.  The next, 2 ounces is transported to the FDA cGTP cellular lab down the hall for processing. While this sample is being processed by one of the lab technicians, Dr. Victor will artistically inject small amounts of fresh fat into your face under local anesthesia using a special blunt tip cannula.  At this point, your SVFC’s are ready and released by the Lab QA Director. The SVFC’s will be injected into the fresh fat in your face as well into the dermis of the skin.  Also the medical staff will insert an intravenous and you will receive SVFC’s systemically. There are no stitches and a minimal amount of bruising.

The aesthetic results are immediate and continue to get better over time, while you will enjoy an overall rejuvenation of the body including feeling more energetic with less aches and pains and more youthful.

Are there any possible complications associated with a facial volume restoration?

There are minimal complications that can happen from facial volume restoration. Since there is no general anesthesia, surgical cutting or stitches, the risk of complications are minimal. The most common post treatment concern is a possibility of bruising or minor swelling. This usually resolves in 5-7 days.

“Non-Surgical Facelift is a term that is commonly used in marketing but no such procedure really exists.”

Natural Facelift Terminology

In recent years, there has emerged numerous marketing terminology for the so call Non-Surgical Facelift or Stem Cell Facelift and has confused the public.  These terms are misleading and the only Facelift is surgical.  Facial Volume Augmentation or SAVA is a new way to restore facial volume and improve skin quality achieving cosmetic results similar to surgical facelift giving you a younger appearance.

The true non-surgical face augmentation

Dr. Steven Victor MD, an American Regenerative Cosmetic Dermatologist has developed the SAVA technique and technology as an alternative to artificial fillers and surgical facelift.  Dr. Victor has always said that the traditional surgical facelift does not address the true effects of the ageing face especially loss of volume and changes of the skin.  A surgical facelift has to pull the skin back in a non-natural fashion i.e. up and back in order to hide the surgical scar in front to the ear.  This puts a non-natural pull to the mouth and eyes.  SAVA does not change the natural shape or pull of the face. He believes SAVA is a better answer to the ageing face and skin and adds the additional system anti-ageing effects.

SAVA is revolutionary in the field of facial rejuvenation as well as generalized rejuvenation.  Also if you had a facelift SAVA well help correct the tightness and pull by replacing lost volume and improve skin texture.  You can restore the plump youthful look.  One major advantage is the long lasting improvement that keeps getting better and better.

SAVA Before and After


The process of Ageing begins when you are born and is the product of inflammation.  The damage to your cells and tissue is caused by inflammation, which is eating away at healthy cells and tissue.  It destroys the collagen and elastin of the skin and the fat in your face. Also the reduction in blood flow and hormonal changes play a role in the ageing process.

The facial results manifest themselves as fine lines, deep wrinkles, loss of volume especially cheeks and lips, fat around the eyes, and skin that is dull and lost its elasticity.

What is anti-ageing?

Anti-ageing is the art of turning back the hands of time. We can stop this process of ageing but there are numerous procedures and things we can do to slow it down and reverse its appearance. Through the use of noninvasive cosmetic procedures or surgical process we can fight the hands of time.  Dr. Steven Victor believes in non-surgical approach and also strongly believes in not only external procedures and treatment but that the internal approach is equally important.  He wants you to look good but also feel good.  That is why he invented the SAVA procedure and the technology used to make SVFCs.

It is never to early or too late to start your journey on anti-ageing.  But the earlier you start the better and Dr. Victor himself started at the age of 30. Think of your car, would you wait until it is totally broken down or do you keep up its maintenance to keep it looking beautiful and function at its peak.  Well your face and body are the same.  Start on your journey to youth today and call Dr. Steven Victor’s office to start.  You and your face and your body desire it!

What treatments are available to slow down the ageing process?

Dr. Steven Victor has a wide range of anti-ageing treatments but the most powerful is his patented SAVA technique for external anti-ageing and internal anti-ageing.  This patent procedure sets him apart from all other anti-ageing doctors and puts him in a category of his own. Dr. Victor also believes in healthy eating, exercise and sun protection and a good regime of skin care products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SAVA stand for?

SAVA was invented by Dr. Steven Victor, a board certified Regenerative Medicine physician, who also invented the technology using ultrasonic cavitation for the SVFC separation.  He has been using this new SAVA technique since 2011 and the technique is patent pending.  SAVA stands for Subcutaneous Augmentation & Vascularization & Anti-inflammatory

How does SAVA differ from other fat grafting techniques and FAMI?

All other fat grafting procedures do NOT use SVFCs and only depend upon the fat itself and a very small amount of SVFCs that are present in the solution.  Also the SAVA technique combines intravenous or internal anti-inflammatory effects of the SVFCs and Tissue Growth Factors.  It’s like a double dose and a systemic effect in addition.

The correction of loss volume and skin improvement gives an overall appearance of losing 20-30 years off.

SAVA is a US patented procedure that restores bone, muscle, fat pads and skin in one session.

How long do the effects of SAVA last?

Dr. Victor has performed SAVA since 2011 and the results are still excellent and even more important the patients report that the improvement in their skin continues for years after.  Theoretically the results should last for 5 to 10 years. The good news that the SAVA procedure can easily be repeated in the future.

An interesting effect is that the SVFC continue to give improvement over years and just keeps getting better and better.

Is SAVA safer than plastic surgery?

SAVA is much safer than traditional facelift surgery since it is only a minimally invasive procedure and does not require general anesthesia.  Since it is noninvasive there is no risk to damage to blood vessels, nerves or muscles.

What happens if I lose or gain weight after SAVA?

Losing weight will not affect the results of SAVA and gaining weight will probably further improve the results?

Why do so few doctors perform the SAVA procedure?

SAVA is a technique that was invented by Dr. Victor in late 2011 and includes patented technology also invented by Dr. Victor and the FDA cellular cGTP lab, which is not available to numerous physicians. Also there is a tremendous amount of skill and artistic talent involved and is a specialty of Dr. Victor

Can SAVA be repeated for further rejuvenation?

Since SAVA is long lasting but the aging process is still going on and you may want to repeat the facial treatment in 5-10 years and the systemic treatment every 1-2 years.

What are Stromal Vascular Faction Cells?

Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells are a heterogeneous group of cells that are found in all your blood vessels and are the body’s natural repair cells.  They contain the stem cells and tissue growth factors. They fight inflammation, increase blood flow, grow new blood vessels, fight cell death, and can grow and replace damaged tissues.

What is FDA cGTP cellular lab?

A FDA cGTP cellular lab is a lab that manufactures under the highest standard of sterility and traceability. The lab follows strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the FDA will inspect the lab regularly to make sure it is following all the rules and regulations.  You can look up the cellular lab on the FDA website to be sure you are receiving the best cells.

Why give the SVFC intravenously (systemically)?

We give SVFC intravenously because the effects of aging are systemic as well as local.  Dr. Victor believes it is not good enough to look good but wants you to feel good as well. He believes it “Quality of Life” (QOL)

The systemic effects also helps fight the local damage of aging.

SAVA Before and After

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