Can G-Shots Enhance Your Sex Life?

Monday, September 9th, 2019, 3:58 pm

G-Shots Treatment for a Better Sex Life

G-shots were described by a German gynecologist whose name was Ernst Gräfenberg in the year 1944. G-shots come with the promise of enhancing sexual pleasure. However, G-Shot is a procedure which takes only 10 minutes to be done and can augment the G-spot temporarily. Even more, this procedure has been tested in a 20 women’s UCLA study and 87% of these participants reported an increased sexual gratification experience for an average of 3 to 5 months after getting this procedure. Most interestingly, according to the claim of official G-Shot amplification website, the females who are going through this procedure can resume normal sexual activities within a few hours after treatment. It means that there is no specific time required for recovery.


How the G-Spot Shots Treatment Work?

Just imagine you are being able to improve your orgasm quality just by having a quick and painless injection in the office of a licensed professional. Well, this is something which G-Shots amplification shot can allow you to experience with ease. G-Shot is strictly designed for sexual enhancement processes. This is the procedure which is helping numerous females to reach their intercourse goals in the best possible way. The females who are going through this procedure have experienced improved sexual satisfaction dramatically.

The process starts from locating G-spot from a physician with the use of a specifically designed speculum which can help the doctor taking required measurements in the best possible way. Well, the next thing which will be done hereafter locating a G-Spot is the process of injecting the component.

G-Shots are generally being used through injection of acid fillers of hyaluronic into the G-Spot. A highly innervated mass of tissues which are located inside the vagina around 2 to 3 inches, opposite to clitoris but in the front inner wall is known as G-spot. In this process, hyaluronic acid is being injected into the inner anterior vaginal wall of the females which can make it thicker. Hyaluronic acid is a common ingredient which can be found in various dermal filler products which people are using for various purposes at present. This component works to make the female vaginal wall thicker which will resultantly cause increased possibilities of female orgasm.


Is This Treatment Only for Older Women?

Although this is a treatment which is meant for the females who have lost their vaginal elasticity due to aging or childbirth, but the patients of all ages can get benefit from this procedure with ease. Anyone who is needed a sexual enhancement procedure can clamor for this beneficial enhancement procedure with ease. However, it is always highly recommended for the patients to contact a licensed professional to get this treatment. It is because this will not only bring better results but also because at present, G-Shot procedure is easy to avail through a licensed professional across the globe. Most interestingly, this is the process which is meant for the females who want to improve their sensation they are already having. However, this process will not be going to be effective for females who do not have an orgasm at all.

Even more, the treatment barely takes 10 to 15 minutes to get done in a proper way. While once a female has done with the G-Shot treatment then after just 4 to 5 hours of getting the treatment the female is good to go. Even more, she can also make love with her partner that night. Most interestingly, the benefits of the procedure are quite long-lasting as compared to the other similar kind of treatments. It is because the benefits of the treatment will work for 3 to 5 months with ease.


Benefits of Having G-Shots Treatments

When discussing sexuality then most of the females have become open to this topic and discussed the issues with their doctors. The decreased pleasure of sex in women stems from pain with intercourse, less sensation or too loose vaginal canal, inability or difficulty to achieve orgasm and poor lubrication. Well, this is a vital fact that along with other physical problems lower sex drive can also be derived in human beings due to these various problems. It is because these are the problems which have the ability to affect the self-esteem of the females at a greater level and the things will result as significant stress among partners which can disturb the relationship life of anyone with ease. However, to have a satisfying sexual life, females are getting G-Shots treatment.

Do you want to know the benefits which you can achieve with the G-Shots treatment? Well, here are some of the most amazing advantages which are associated with this amazing sexual enhancement treatments. Have a look at the following benefits which are surely going to be beneficial for you to know in this regard.

  • The treatment will let you experience improve sex stamina by helping you to provide ease in achieving and maintaining erections.
  • It will help the patient to experience decreased pain during sex which will be better for experiencing comfortable intercourse experience with the partner.
  • The patient will get increased vaginal orgasm ability. Even more, the outer skin of the vaginal will also become younger and smoother in a proper way.
  • The G-Shots treatment will work in a more effective way to make vaginal canal tighter. Therefore, this process can work better for the patients who are facing the problem of too loose vaginal canal prior.
  • The patient will experience more frequent and even stronger orgasms. Even more, after having G-Shots sexual enhancement procedure will also increase vaginal lubrication.
  • The patient can resume her sexual activity just after 4 hours of getting the procedure done.


G-Shot Alternatives

When it comes to seeing the similar kind of sexual enhancement procedures then O-shot is the one which comes at the top of the list. O-Shot is a new treatment method in this field which is meant to alleviate the dysfunction of female sexuality with the help of extracting PRP from her own blood and injecting the blood into the vaginal area directly.

A New York cosmetic doctor Steven Victor explained that O-shots are based on PRP which works for new cells’ growth stimulation in the vaginal walls of the females. The platelets are not only going to generate new tissues but will work to increase stimulation sensitivity too. Before this, there exists an array of men’s treatment in this regard including P-Shots. But when it comes to the sexual dysfunction in females there was nothing similar to these processes available for females.

PRP is included in the treatments of regenerative autologous category. It comes from the blood of the patient and will work for the regeneration of cells and tissue repair process. Platelets which are included in our blood cells release proteins and growth factors when being released.

In this process, the proteins and growth factors which are being released by the PRP can activate the stem cells. The process will stimulate the regeneration and cellular repair when these will be applied to the body. Even more, new blood vessel formation and collagen production will also aid in tissue repair more effectively.

O-shots work much similar to the P-Shots in men. In this process, the blood from the patient will be drawn and will be placed to separate out the PRP. After that vaginal mapping will be done to determine where the injection should be used to bring maximum result by asking about the most sensitive area of the woman. An anesthetic cream will be applied to the vaginal area. This is also an effective treatment which can be done within 20 minutes and can boost unsatisfied sex life. The effects of the treatment go quite longer.



To avoid any problem in sexuality or even to improve sexual enhancement various females plan to go with the sexual enhancement procedures which can help them to experience more pleasure while having time with their partners and can help them to get improved orgasm in the best possible way.

One of the most effective treatments which are being used by numerous females at the present time is G-Shot. The G-Shot procedure comes with multiple benefits which due to which people are getting into this process to experience more pleasure in their sexual life in the best possible way.

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