Nanofat Procedure: Rejuvenate with Your Own Fat

Monday, September 23rd, 2019, 4:08 pm

Nanofat Procedure

The word micro and nano are normally referring to the smaller fat particles which are specifically emulsified and are being used for the areas with the quite defined contours. The best things about this amazing treatment which you must know are that it is a very safe, outpatient, cost-effective and simple way to replace the losses of larger volumes more effectively. At the present time, Nano-injections with your own fat particles is being known as one of the most innovative and effective treatments which are being used as an amazing alternative to Filler and Botox in the best possible way. However, if you are the one who wants to know more about the Nanofat procedure and its amazingness then this is the best opportunity for you to learn. Have a look at the following information to get a better idea about the things in this regard.


Nanofat: A New Skin Rejuvenation Technique to Adopt in the Crowd

Most of the people out there may have no idea about Nanofat. Well, this is the time for you to understand what Nanofat actually is and how it can be an amazing option for you to choose. Well, here we have brought enough information which will help you to get a better idea about Nanofat in the best possible way.

As more and more techniques for skin rejuvenation are crowding the market, it is becoming more difficult to choose the right therapy for your treatment. Well, sometimes this difficulty of choosing the right option can become overwhelming. It is because you have no clue how to know which derma filler can work the best for your skin, how you can create more youthful and amazing new contours, and which one is going to help you to get long-lasting results in the best possible way with ease. However, Nanofat procedure is one of the most innovative and highly effective techniques which has arrived in the industry of derma fillers. Just like derma fillers, Nanofat grafts can plump up the areas with lost volume. However, unlike other synthetic derma fillers, Nanofat grafts are based on your own fat.


What You Should Know About Nanofat for Treating Skin Related Issues?

The latest techniques of biologics and science like Nanofat will continue to emerge in the future. Skin grafting is becoming the modern aesthetic surgery’s wave. It is because it is allowing the natural tissues use without the cons of allergic reactions or any vital transmission. More interestingly, fats contain more stem cells’ concentration than in bone morrow. But you need to know that injections with stem cells are not approved by the FDA. Therefore, you have to be a part of IRB. However, with Nanofat anyone can process the fat for use, it is because FDA is considering this a fat which is not being modified biologically. Nanofat can be used to improve the texture and tone of the skin. As the fat is highly processed therefore you can use it with a needle of 27- to 30-gauge for actual intradermal injections. Nanofat is being used for multiple facial procedures which are meant to treat wrinkles, fine lines, areas of hyperpigmentation and dyschromia.

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How Nanofat Procedure Works?

Nanofat procedure is one of the most amazing, specific and sophisticated techniques of fat transfer from autologous fat. In this process, a small amount of fat is being eliminated and injected into various other parts of the body. Well, different terms are being used for this Nanofat procedure such as micro fat transplantation, micronized injection, ALMI, nano-fat injections, and Fat transfer. Although there exist multiple names for Nanofat procedure but the process is always the same for these. In this process, the fat is being extracted from any one part of your body and will be injected into the other body part as a transplant.

Nanofat is being made of your own fat. It is a simple procedure which does not require any anesthesia. This procedure was described in the year 2013 for the very first time. However, this is an amazing technology which is based on the rich growth factors platelets in the form of PRP which will be along with your own fat mixed into the tiny fat particles to promote smooth and healthier skin in the best possible way. The main objective of this skin treatment is to slow down the aging factors and to work in a more effective way for the removal of scars, wrinkles and other similar skin problems.


Nanofat Grafting Can Be Used for Various Treatments

Do you want to know the uses of Nanofat grafting procedure? Here are some of the most amazing uses of Nanofat grafting procedure which can help you a better idea for which kind of treatments this technology can be used.

  • To smooth out folds and wrinkles
  • To restore more youthful contours in the midface areas, temples, and cheeks.
  • To make the skin firmer and tighter.
  • Crepey skin and Revive loose
  • Restore the actual beauty to hands and volume to give a younger look
  • Improve the appearance of the scar in a more effective way.
  • To improve the appearance of lower eyelids and tear trough
  • Treat discoloration and improve skin quality

Nanofat grafting is effective to use for the improvement of elasticity, increase vascularization, make tone and texture of the skin better.

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Why Nanofat Procedure is a More Preferable Option to Consider?

Since the introduction of Nanofat procedure, it has become an increasingly popular treatment in the industry. More and more people with every passing day are getting treatment with Nanofat technology. However, there are some people too who want to know why Nanofat procedure should be preferred to get treated. Do you want to know the reasons why Nanofat technology is getting more popular with every passing day? Well, here are some of the most amazing benefits of Nanofat procedure which are undoubtedly going to be the best reasons for you to know in this regard. So, have a look at the benefits given below:

1. Nanofat Procedure is Biocompatible

Nanofat procedure contains distinct disadvantages as compared to other synthetic dermal fillers. Nanofat procedure is a more effective option which can be used to treat an amazing variety of problems with ease. Most interestingly, as the fats are coming from your own body therefore, these are 1000% compatible with the tissues of your body. Even more, this is an amazing treatment to consider because it will not cause any allergic reactions at all.

2. Nanofat Procedure is Detailed Finely

While preparing Nanofat for your treatment the professional will remove a smaller amount of fats from any part of your body. The fats are usually being taken from your lower abdomen, thighs or hips. Then the fat will be processed to remove other elements from fat and will be purified to make a smooth liquid with rich and tiny fat particles. In the end, this will be injected in the targeted areas through small needles.

3. It Can Bring Long-Lasting Benefits with Ease

Nanofat procedures can bring immediate and noticeable volume replacement which will stay with you for a longer period of time with ease. More interestingly, this procedure can stimulate your skin and will help it to produce more elastin and protein collagens which will provide your skin more elasticity and strength in the best possible way. Even more, its healing process will help to sweep away disordered and old proteins which can’t support your skin anymore. While the new elastin and collagen will work to improve your skin continually and hence the results of treatment will get better with time.



Nanofat procedure is one of the most effective solutions which can be used for the treatment of various problems in the best possible way. Even more, this is the treatment which is gaining more popularity with every passing day because of the safety, efficiency, and affordability. As Nanofat procedure is based on your own body fats, therefore, there are fewer chances of any unwanted reaction to happen.

If you are the one who is suffering from any skin problems or want to get rid of aging signs in a more effective way, then without any doubt, Nanofat procedure is meant for you with its long-lasting effects.

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